Ask about his reputation. What reputation does he have? Reputation is one of your best guidelines in hiring a lawyer. Of course, you do not want to hire a lawyer who has a bad reputation. People always want to work with people who have a good reputation.

Ask his work experience: How long has he been in the real estate field? Who are the people he has work at before? A good Real Estate Lawyer has a good experience in his studies and in his work with the people before. This will help you in pondering if he is really worth your money and trust.

Abogado de bienes y raices The most important answer is: a well-crafted business plan. Developing a meaningful business plan is more than just sitting down and describing your product in glowing marketing terms. The act of creating a business plan forces you to think about the various aspects of the business. It also places you in the position of your customer, your banker, your lawyer, your assistants, and yourself as owner/operator.

Hard Money Lenders – The hard money lenders are the guys who can help you fund your transactions quickly and they usually charge a % of the amount borrowed, anywhere from 13-18%. Hard money lenders can also provide transactional funding. Transactional funding is necessary if a bank does not allow you to close a deal with your end buyers cash, so its very important you have this lined up for every deal.

Most of the people do the real estate deals once in their lifetime. They hardly go for any another real-estate deals after that. Hence, most of them do not have the right knowledge about the real estate. That is why they need the estate-agents and the attorneys. It is true that the busiest member of the team is the real estate agent. However, you cannot really discard the . In fact, you are looking at the deadly combination of the estate agent and the estate attorneys.

Don’t fall for the „I’m a Realtor; I can help you” line. – On the other hand, Realtors want to get paid. Some Realtors will claim expertise in any type of real estate transaction just to get a commission. Does the Realtor specialize in lease to own home opportunities? Realtors do not take one second of training in putting together lease to own contracts. They’re licensed but ignorant of lease to own contracts. Dangerous indeed.

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